Kyzen - where the science and care coverage
Kyzen - where the science and care coverage

    KYZEN has been pioneering award-winning, environmentally responsible advanced cleaning technologies since 1990 by fusing our commitment to groundbreaking science in cleaning chemistries and research with the care we have for your manufacturing cleaning process and your success. That means we continuously improve our cleaning agents and problem solve to create the most effective cleaning products and solutions to suit your specific needs.  And, we are meticulous in our attention to detail in meeting those manufacturing cleaning needs.


Newest news


2016 july 15

Statclear is a new PERMANENT CLEAR Static Dissipative coating designed for application on ...

DEK Screen printers

2015 april 21

We are pleased to announce that DEK representative supporting customers in Lithuania and Latvia ...

Brady - Product, Facility, & Safety Identification Solutions

2015 january 12

       Brady identifies and protects premises, products and people with high-performance ...

Edson Electronics

2014 october 14

Made from high performance 50gsm and 68gsm Polyester Cellulose materials, our Wiper Paper ...

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