DEK Cyclone Duo
DEK Cyclone Duo

Saves on time and materials

DEK Cyclone Duo is an add-on, speed-up option for the DEK Cyclone high-speed under-stencil cleaner. The new designed DEK Cyclone Duo body enables vacuum and wet cleaning in just one sweep. You will cut down on your cleaning times considerably and will reduce consumables costs by up to 50 percent.

The benefits of the DEK Cyclone Duo:

  • Maximum speed for understencil cleaning
  • Combined wet and vacuum cleaning in a single sweep
  • Fully compatible with standard DEK Cyclone bodies (300 mm, 400 mm, 460 mm, and 515 mm)
  • Compatible with 23" VectorGuard stencils (460mm body)
  • Easy and fast changeovers and upgrades, depending on your production requirements