Dispensing machine dispenseALL 420
Dispensing machine dispenseALL 420
Dispensing machine dispenseALL 420

The dispensing machine dispenseALL is with up to 3 valves the univeral platform for dispensing. This enables the simultanous dispensing of different media in only one machine. In addition to a lot of serial options customized demands can be realized.

  • 1 up to 4 dispesing valves on every machine
  • servo axis for every dispensing head
  • more than 10 various dispensing valves for every aplication
  • parallel-dispensing to increase speed
  • automatic measurement of the dispnsing nozzle
  • touchless height measurement of the PCBs
  • SMEMA-compatible inline-system
  • programming by teach-in or CAD-converter

FRITSCH offers high precision dispensing systems for electronics production and customized solutions for various applications. The easy adapting of different dispensing valves enables an effcient and cost-effctive adjustment of the machines on every demand.