Akriliniai antistatiniai dažai A40
Akriliniai antistatiniai dažai A40

    Electroguard A40 is a Single Pack Water Based, Static Dissipative Acrylic paint. It is a high specification method of grounding personnel and preventing static build up at an inexpensive price.
User Friendly:
    Electroguard A40 is a ready to use single pack paint that is extremely easy to apply. A thorough stir of a single tin is all that is necessary before the paint is ready to be used. The paint can be applied by brush or roller and the equipment may be cleaned after use in warm water. 
    Electroguard A40 has excellent chemical resistance, can be easily cleaned and is highly durable. The paint has an attractive satin finish and is available in

  • Red - RAL 3011 
  • Blue - RAL 5002 
  • Green - RAL 6002  
  • Light Grey - RAL 7035 

    Electroguard A40 is water based and has a low odour. A40 is now available with an Anti Slip finish. Please enquire for further details.
   Two coats are recommended for best results and should be applied over a sound, sealed floor, free from dirt, oil or any loose particles. It is strongly recommended that A40 is not applied directly over bare concrete. Where this occurs a Water Based Primer should be first applied.
Physical Properties:

Typical Thickness: 40 microns per coat
We recommend 2 thin coats, do not over apply thickness
Drying @ 20C: Touch Dry 2 Hrs
Re-Coat at 8 Hrs
Full Cure 3 Days
Pot Life: 12 months
VOC Content: 60.5g / litre
Coverage: 10m² Litre per coat (we recommend 2 coats)
Mix Ratio: Ready Mixed
Thinner: We do NOT recommend thinning this paint
Colour: Light Grey (nearest to RAL 7035)
Pack Size: 5 litres
Transportation: No Hazard issues

     Do not apply if Temperature is below 10C. Curing times are dependent on temperature, humidity and ventilation.
Application Directions:
     See separate sheet
Electrical Properties:
Surface Resistance: 10(5)-10(8) Ohms/Square 
Resistance to Ground: 10(5)-10(8) Ohms
Conforms to IEC 61340-5-1/2
Charge Decay: Conforms to MILB81705C