Vinkartiniai apsiaustai
Vinkartiniai apsiaustai

The disposable long-sleeved apron has been developed in partnership with Örebro University Hospital (Sweden) to prevent the spread of infection in intensive care, for example, and when treating patients with infectious diseases. Easy-to-wear and full-coverage protection for the arms, chest, torso and a large area of the legs.
Design:    A practical thumb loop makes it simple to put on and remove gloves
           Integrated belt for flexible, versatile fit
Material:  Water-tight LDPE plastic
           All raw materials have been approved for contact with foods in accordance with EU Regulation 10/2011
           ISO 9001-certified manufacture
Thickness: 30 μ
Dimensions: 1200 mm length
           960 mm circumference  
Quality standard: CE labelling applied