Solar Assembly Materials
Solar Assembly Materials

Indium Corporation is a global soldering interconnect leader in the Photovoltaic assembly industry. We believe in the power of the sun and are doing our part to make a sustainable world. By providing reliable soldering interconnect materials coupled with Indium's soldering expertise and knowledge, we can improve your solar cell efficiency, increase PV module's lifetime and reduce total manufacturing costs.

We provide a wide range of interconnect solutions for Thin-Film (CIGS, CdTe, a-Si), crystalline silicon and Concentrated PV (CPV) technologies.

Top Solar Assembly Materials Technical Documents:

  • Substrate Metallization Considerations For Soldering (Letter) - Application Note
  • Test Methods for Metallization Paste (Letter) - Application Note
  • OnSpec® Solar-Grade Tabbing Flux GS-5454 Resin-Based (Letter) (A4) - Product Data Sheet
  • Onspec® Solar-Grade Tabbing Flux GS-1414 VOC-Free (Letter) (A4) - Product Data Sheet