Solder Tubes
Solder Tubes

Solder Tubes – Precise Solder for Electrical Connection in Heat Shrink Solder Sleeves

Indium Corporation’s Solder Tubes provide a precise, controlled amount of solder for heat shrink electrical joint termination within solder sleeves.

While Solder Tubes are similar in shape to standard washers, the tight wall-to-height/thickness ratios of 3 or more is a key distinguishing feature. Solder Tubes can be customized to meet your heat shrink solder sleeve requirements and are ideal for a number of applications including:

  • Radio systems
  • Wire harness
  • EMI shield to ground termination
  • Wire to wire splicing, and more

Flux Coating

Flux coating is available to facilitate the soldering process. Typically, flux coatings can be applied in the range of 0.5%–2% by weight and are available in no-clean, RMA and RA

Standard Tube Dimensions

Visual Reflow Indicators

There are two options available for visual verification that the reflow temperature for the solder has been reached:

  • Thermochromic indicator dye which disappears when the proper temperature has been reached. This dye is added to the flux coating and does not interfere with reflow.
  • External indicator ring which is made of an alloy that melts at a higher temperature than the base tube. Once the outer ring is reflowed, it is an indication that the base tube has also reflowed.


  • Wall-to-height/thickness ratios of 3 or more
  • Visual reflow verification
  • Flux coatings can be applied in the range of 0.5%-2% by weight
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