Antistatinis skystis Statclear A50
Antistatinis skystis Statclear A50

Statclear is a new PERMANENT CLEAR Static Dissipative coating designed for application on smooth surfaces in static sensitive areas.


  • Clear 
  • Permanent - non migratory
  • Easy to apply – simply spray and wipe
  • Water based – fully biodegradable containing no solvents or dangerous chemicals
  • Surface Resistivity 10 (7) – 10 (9) Ohms²
  • Coverage – 40 m² per litre

Drying @ 20C: Touch Dry 1 Hr
Pot Life: 2 years
Coverage: 40m² Litre per coat (we recommend 1 coat)
Mix Ratio: Ready Mixed
Thinner: We do NOT recommend thinning this coating
Colour: Clear when applied
Pack Size: 500ml spray bottle/ 5 litre container
Transportation: No Hazard issues


Statclear A50 is a ready to use liquid and easy to apply. Simply spray and wipe for permanent static protection. Statclear A50 is water based, non migrating, fully biodegradable containing no solvents or dangerous chemicals. It is ideal for coating static generating bins, trays, shelving, benches, screens, glass, walls and packaging for static sensitive materials including bags. Coating these items gives excellent cost savings compared to buying replacement ESD safe products. Due to its safe nature Statclear A50 is particularly suitable for clean room areas.

We are also seeing excellent results when used in the manufacture of Electrostatic speakers.